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Fire risk assessment according to international standard
(ISO) 16732-1:2012

“Fire Safety – Fire Risk Assessment” will provide:

– A conceptual framework for assessing fire risk by applying the principles underlying the quantitative determination of criteria related to fire risk;

– Application of the basic principles of fire safety:

a) safety for life;
b) preservation of property;
c) ensuring a continuous production process;
d) environmental protection


Fire risk assessment according to international standard
(ISO) 16732-1:2012


Conducting a comprehensive audit of enterprise facilities according to the criteria for assessing the level of compliance with fire safety


Determination (calculation) of the resistance of enterprise facilities to fire risks in accordance with (BS) (ISO) 16732-1: 2012


Calculation of time for evacuation of personnel in case of fire


Formation of a set of measures to minimize the occurrence of fires, fires at the facilities of the enterprise, support for their implementation

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